Gold Country #9

Gold Country 9 large 200x300 - Gold Country #9

Although this image is (like many of my images) from a Gold Rush ghost town, instead of California, this one was in Coaldale, a small town in west central Nevada along Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas.  Again, wandering around and found this in an unexpected corner.


AARY A005 large 300x200 - Glow

At one time you could find all kinds of wonderful images in Rhyolite, a Gold Rush era ghost town just east of Death Valley.  I got this image the last time I was there in 1998, but Rhyolite had sadly changed since my first visits in the 1980’s and I’ve been afraid to return in case even more has gone.

Blue Door #1

Blue Door large 210x300 - Blue Door #1

I stopped for a red light in Minneapolis and saw this door from the driver’s side window.  I had just enough time to take two quick shots before the light changed.

When I went back a couple of weeks later to do a proper shoot, the door had been replaced by a generic (and super boring) tan metal door.  Seize the moment!