Fine Art Photography

Autumn Leaves #1

Autumn Leaves 1 L - Autumn Leaves #1

This image started out as a fairly generic shot of colorful fall colors.  But there were so many unseen depths and intricate details that begged to be brought out and displayed.  This is the result of doing that.

Gold Country #9

Gold Country 9 large 200x300 - Gold Country #9

Although this image is (like many of my images) from a Gold Rush ghost town, instead of California, this one was in Coaldale, a small town in west central Nevada along Highway 95 between Reno and Las Vegas.  Again, wandering around and found this in an unexpected corner.


AARY A005 large 300x200 - Glow

At one time you could find all kinds of wonderful images in Rhyolite, a Gold Rush era ghost town just east of Death Valley.  I got this image the last time I was there in 1998, but Rhyolite had sadly changed since my first visits in the 1980’s and I’ve been afraid to return in case even more has gone.

Yellow Keyhole

AAMN A003 Med - Yellow Keyhole

I found this image the way I usually do – totally by accident.  The best way to get amazing images!

I was driving west from Minneapolis in April and ended up unexpectedly in a freak blizzard.  Could barely get through.  Saw a small town – nearly a ghost town – and pulled in just to see what was there.  Was up to my knees in snow when I saw this and took a couple of shots.

Still one of my favorite images.