Venetian Carnivale Mask #10

MASK 10 B WEBSITE MOCKUP BOTH - Venetian Carnivale Mask #10

When Venetians first began wearing masks, it was to hide their identity in public so they wouldn’t be judged for their occupations or social status.  They also used them in political meetings so that all would have an equal voice.  Now masks are a way to be anonymous in public for a whole variety of reasons.  Especially fun and tradition during carnival celebrations and masquerades.

Masks are fascinating.  They say so much, and yet also hide a great deal.  Masks evoke mystery and intrigue.  What’s behind the mask?  Who is behind the mask?  What does the mask reveal about the wearer?

All my mask images began life as a photograph of someone at the Venice Carnivale.  I then use that as the beginning of the process of making make magic with it.

These masks are gorgeous and look like luminous jewels when hung on a wall.  They make any place in your home more interesting.

Consider adding something a little out of the ordinary to your home to spark your imagination and  dress up your walls.

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